Masons in Season 4

Next up in our team reviews is the Masons’ Guild. They’re pretty solid right now (heh) and they look like an all round cool and interesting guild to be running. They have multiple good players in each role, and are one of the teams where almost every model is a potential include in a roster.

Let’s take a look at some captains.

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Hunters in Season 4

With the new season updating many players’ cards and generally reshaping the game’s landscape as a whole, now looks like a good time to take another look at all the guilds and models we have available. Many of them have changed, but even those that haven’t exist in a different context now. I’m going to go over each card in each guild looking at where they fit now. I’ll try to look more at current functionality than how they’ve changed from beforehand, since a model’s season 3 stats are pretty much irrelevant now.

With that said, I’m going to get started with the Hunters’ Guild, because they’re one of the guilds I have been playing the most recently, they’re in a pretty good place in the metagame right now in my personal opinion, and they are also pretty popular currently so it’s useful to know your enemy even if you don’t play them.

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Welcome to Season 4

At long last, Season 4 is upon us! With SteamCon UK and the World Championship just around the corner – along with its associated LCQ – I’ve got only a few weeks to get an idea of what’s hot and what’s not in the new season, and how the game has changed as a whole. There’s a lot to look through and take in, and although a lot of the changes are just simplifications, that doesn’t mean there won’t be major shake ups of how events end up going and what I want to be prepared for.

With that in mind, I’m going to be posting a series of articles going over the changes to each guild and how I feel they are going to play out in the new season. But first, to get things under way, we need to know how the core rules have changed, and how this affects the game…

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